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Hiring Business Critical Talent Through Video Interview

Posted on March 2020

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Many of us in Switzerland have spent the last weeks grappling with a new reality. What has become clear is that more than ever, Swiss organizations need to fill business-critical roles to deliver food, resources and medicines on time to the general public.

Working from home can put a stopper to your usual recruitment process. Do not let it stand in the way. Now is the time to find new ways to recruit top end-to-end supply chain talent. Video conferencing software is part of the solution.

“It’s important that companies set up regular calls with candidates to keep them engaged and to ensure that they don’t take a role with another company during this period,” suggest Tom Willis, Managing Principal Consultant at DSJ Global. “Some companies are already doing virtual site tours or using interactive photos to demonstrate the environment.”

“The good and bad of a crisis should be used to get away from the long lasting hiring processes towards a lean one with a quick chat—more like a match on Tinder to evaluate if there is a good fit,” says Customer Experience CI, Thorsten H. “Doing this via a quick video or phone interview can be part of a solution. Decisions are always possible to be made later during the probation period as well. Get it started: as speed is the issue—competition never sleeps!”

As a hiring manager, using video calling software as part of your recruitment process may be new territory. Get started with this recently released guide on how employers can successfully hire through video interviews. Download now to discover:

-Why you should use video interviews

-How to protect your corporate reputation and successfully hire

-The advantage of using video interviews to evaluate candidates

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