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5 Reasons Why Counter-Offers are a Waste of Time

Posted on November 2019

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The global procurement and supply chain sector has a busy market where skilled candidates, particularly with those who have experience in new and emerging technologies, are high in demand. If you face a note of resignation in your inbox, it is tempting as an employer to send back a counter-offer to retain your most valuable employees on the payroll.    

The sad reality is that those who wish to leave your company most likely don’t have salary as their only or primary motivating factor. Often there are underlying issues behind the reason why they have handed in their resignation, and these won’t be solved with the money of a counter-offer. In fact, most employees who accept a counter-offer leave a company anyway within six to twenty-four months of accepting that offer.  

This article covers the reasons why you should rethink your choice to make a counter-offer to a leaving employee, and why counter-offers are ultimately a waste of time and money for your company.

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