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How to Ace a Virtual Interview

Posted on March 2020

If you are applying for a procurement or supply chain role Switzerland, there is an increasing possibility that you will be asked to take part in a video interview before you meet any hiring managers in-person. Particularly in this current climate, video interview are becoming the norm as we weather the Covid-19 storm.

Though most video interviews take place using a webcam, anyone with a smartphone is able to take part. As technology becomes universally accessible, video interviews are common practice across most professional sectors.

If you have not taken part in a video interview before, some knowledge about the equipment needed and what to expect can go a long way. Though we can’t give you all of your answers, you can give yourself the best possible chance by preparing yourself for what to expect.

This downloadable guide provides the tips you need to overcome the sometimes tricky video interview stage of your candidate journey and fly thought to the next phase of the process. A little bit of preparation will ensure that nothing goes wrong and that you approach your interview with confidence and come across as savvy and professional.

  • Why do employers use video interviews?
  • Video interviews: the formats
  • Video interviews: the practicalities
  • If it goes wrong
  • Essential video interview checklist