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How to Resign and Leave on Good Terms

Posted on November 2019

Professional woman and man smile and shake hands

Handing in your notice may come as something of a bombshell to an employer in the global procurement and supply chain sector who identified you as a future leader, or have gained a lot of value from your specialised skill set. It is best to plan ahead for a bad reaction.   

However the moment where you leave your position pans out, it is vital to remain professional and understanding throughout the process. Though you may have to bite your tongue during parts of the resignation process, it is best to keep up professionalism and tact to maintain an excellent reputation within your sector.   

This resource runs through the steps you need to take when resigning from a position where you are focused on leaving on the best terms possible, from how to handle your initial notice through to what to do on your final day to leave a good last impression.  

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