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7 Ways to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

Posted on November 2019

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There’s nothing better than getting a job offer after a long application and interview process, but despite the temptation to say ‘yes’ as soon as possible, it pays to take time to evaluate the role and whether accepting the offer is the best decision for your career within the procurement and supply chain sector.  

No role is going to be perfect, but there are aspects of a role which may genuinely impact on your quality of life and that all-important work/life balance which are ultimately more important than an attractive salary package. For example, will a difficult commute make every morning a stress, or will you struggle to see eye-to-eye with your manager?  

This resource covers the main aspects to think about before you say “yes” to a job offer within the procurement and supply chain sector, and the questions to ask when considering a role.   



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